Invited Speaker: Tanol Türkoğlu

About Tanol Türkoğlu

Graduated from ODTU Computer Engineering in 1989, Tanol TURKOGLU acted in C-level management positions for information technologies and operations department of several national Turkish banks (namely Yapi Kredi, Iktisatbank, Sekerbank and Abank) between 1989 and 2017. Among the major projects he has led to finish were new headoffice infrastructure deployments, mission-critical data centers’ relocations, deployment of end-to-end core banking software suites and global award winning digital banking suites (eg internet banking, phone banking, call centers etc).
Turkoglu has been a weekly columnist for Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknoloji (“Ooof Off Line”) between 1998 and 2015. Since April 2016 he’s a columnist for a weekly popular science magazine namely Herkese Bilim Teknoloji (“Dijital Kültür” and “Dijitalem”). Among topics he covers in his articles are internet, information society, digital culture, digital transformation. To date he has published five books; “Internetin Kitabı” (2001), “Dijital Kültür” (2011), “Dijital Tefekkür” (2013), “Bilgi Toplumunda Dijital Kültür” (2013), “Digito Ergo Sum” (2017).

Turkoglu has been a member of Internet Council of the Ministry of Transportation between 2002 and 2006 and a founding member of Internet Society Turkey Chapter. He has founded the TT Dijital Kültür Platformu with a mission of “creating digital awareness” and is a part-time lecturer in universities on such subjects as information society, digital culture, digital marketing, e-commerce.


Title: Digital Obesity and Digital Detox in Post-Truth World

Abstract: The following aspects will make up the backbone of the keynote: Is “post-truth world” new? The results of easy and widespread access of information. The need and importance of differentiating the correct information from the incorrect. The making of digital obesity as a result of correct-incorrect mix of information. How to avoid the digital obesity and the importance of digital detox.